Where to Source Laser Cutters for Sale

One of the problems with laser cutters for sale today is the extremes between two laser machines being sold.  On one hand you have the $1,850 hobby laser "cutter" sold on Ebay direct from China while on the other there's the Epilog, Universal, or Trotec 30W machine being sold for $8k plus.  I have found a company or two that offers a great balance to the above that I'll disclose later.

If you're looking for a value added laser cutter but don't want throw down or finance $8k bucks then keep reading...

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Encasing Enchantment For Eternity – Laser Cutter DIY

 Laser Cutter DIY

If you are a do it yourself kind of guy and you have build up an interest in laser cutting or if you are in the business which requires a laser cuter then definitely you will not want to waste your money on the bills of an electrician whenever you face any problem with your cutter. It is the desire of every person who is having a laser cutter to be able to fix his cutter or to make it by him without Continue Reading

Options for Buying a DIY Laser Cutter

If you're researching the market for a DIY laser cutter, here's a few tips to consider before making the investment. And its a good investment by the way. Doing so will ensure that you find a top quality desktop CO2 laser cutter that can be used for years without any breakdowns or software complications. There are numerous laser companies out there so thats the good and the bad news. Here's a few considerations to think about:


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Desktop Laser Cutter Q & A

The following are several FAQ's that I've received with regards to desktop laser cutters or smaller low powered CO2 laser machines. I decided to post here for the benefit of the laser cuttin' community out there looking to buy a laser machine. Feel free to add your comment or questions as well. Question: I want to start a business selling laser cut jewelry and similar small products, mostly made out of acrylics. The laser cutter working area can be small, either 300x400mm or 200x300mm. I don't know much about which manufacturers or models are worth looking at. Continue Reading